Ground Rod Driver

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Quickly drive Ground Rods at job sites and pull them for repositioning if needed

Concave Seat

The concave seat inside the Ground Rod Driver presents the end from mushrooming so the damp can slip over the top. The striking surface is 2 3/8" wide with a slight bevel to focus the force to the top of the rod.

Secure Grip

The all season cushion grip provides a slip-free and shock absorbing hold as you drive the rod into the ground. The 7 3/4" tube of the RodSet provides plenty of area.

Extraction Hole

If you hit an obstruction underground as the rod is driven into the bround, slip insert the rod into either hole and you'll have a solid grip to pull the rod out of the ground for repositioning.

Pull Lines or Wires

Thread lines or wires through the center hole, wrap around and pull.


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Additional Info

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