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The Reel Stand holds a 1,000 foot reel of 10/2 or three reels of THHN wire that are five inches wide.

Simple portable design 

The adjustable Reel Stand adapts to suit the job at hand. Whether you're pulling from a 1,000 foot reel or from a 6" spool of THHN, the ReelStand will hold the reel for trouble-free pulling. For smaller reels, the removable Axis spans the holding pegs to carry four inch reels of THHN or other specialty wires.

Ease of loading 

Simply spread the arms of the Stand and tip it to position the holding pegs within the hole of a 1,000 foot reel as the reel remains on the floor. Tighten the adjustment knob and tip the stand back on its feet and you're ready to pull. 

Durable rubber feet 

The Reel stand will hold firm on subfloors, concrete, hardwood tile, and carpeted floors. The Reel Stand will stay in place as you pull wire in any type of construction environment. 

Coil Dispenser compatible 

Our patented Multi­Coil Dispenser can be loaded onto the Reel Stand and enable you to pull wire you need from two different coils.


Durable rubber feet


The Reel Stand will hold firm on subfloors concrete, hardwood, tile, and carpeted floors.


Stock number RS­203

14.5" W x 18.75"D x 13.5"T

Inside:" 12" to 20" wide

Weight: 7.6 lbs. each

Four per case

Case weight: 32 pounds

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