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Designed to quickly remove any type of decking materials as well as any fasteners left behind. The most efficient and effective tool to remove decking materials!

Reduces Time and Labor

Morale and productivity will increase as crews blast through demolition. Eliminate the need to get down on your hands and knees to use small pry tools.

Maximum Leverage

Save your back, hands or fingers from the aches and pains of removing decking. Use the leverage of the 44" steel handle to easily remove the boards.

No Damage to Existing Structure

With the patented rocker design, your existing joists will not be harmed. This will save from having to replace any joists and get the job done quicker. Minimal damage is done to the existing decking material so it can be re-used if desired.

Commercial Grade

The solid steel construction of the Deck Demon provides lasting quality. The powder coated finish allows for superior corrosion resistance.

8 lbs.




Editor's Choice Award Winner!

editorschoiceRecipient of a Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award at the National Hardware Show.


Member Tested and Recommended

handymanby the Handyman Club of America!

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