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The Nomad® sheeting dispenser makes pulling sheeting a breeze.

Dispensing plastic or vinyl from a sheeting roll can be tedious and frustrating. The sheeting box gets wet, ripped and damaged, and moves when you pull on it. When the box gets damaged the plastic gets bunched or pulls unevenly, and static makes a mess.

The Nomad® tool eliminates all of these problems with an ingenious and simple solution.

This sheeting dispenser holds a roll of plastic sheeting or vinyl sheeting roll in its original box in place while you swiftly and effortlessly pull the material out. The steel frame of the Nomad® tool sits upon two durable dolly wheels so that you can easily move the dispenser anywhere in the shop to exactly where you need it.

The Nomad®’s features include:

  • An all steel frame to anchor the box in place.

  • Keeps the box off the floor.

  • Protects the sheeting box.

  • Easy to move and stow.

  • Fits multiple box sizes, from 23.5” to 40” long

Get the job done quicker with the Nomad® sheeting roll dispenser!




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Additional Info

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