Blast Through Demolition


Strip the deck in minutes, not hours. Use the leverage of the floor joist to easily pry up deck boards and move quickly. The Wrecking Claw lets you work from a more ergonomic position as you rip through decks and pallets with ease.


Work while standing -- not on your hands or knees. Quickly strip decks, strapping, and pallets with a durable, 44-inch all-steel tool. Pull nails and fasteners quickly while you remain standing.


Don't have the budget for multiple complicated decking tools? Don't worry.

Perform the work of several deck and pallet demolition tools rolled into one.

The deck-tested, all-steel design guarantees years of use so you don't have to buy costly replacements.


Whether you're stripping decks or pallets, work in comfort with this must-have tool for any demolition projects. The Wrecking Claw lets you blast through demolition in less time and hassle than other pry bars.


By harnessing the leverage of the floor joists, you can easily remove boards and fasteners that other pry bars can’t handle. The patented dual-claw head rolls smoothly to prevent damage to joists and can pull fasteners from two different directions. Best of all, the sturdy steel design keeps you safe no matter how tough the job is.


Get back to doing what matters -- whether that's spending time with your family or unloading the rest of your inventory shipment on delivery day. The Wrecking Claw lets you breathe easier by making deck and pallet demolition a breeze.

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