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  • Handy Pan Handy Pan Handy Pan Handy Pan Handy Pan

    Handy Pan

    A dustpan that can handle lots of debris. The Handy Pan stands upright and holds 4 quarts of liquid if needed. Household dirt, sawdust, leaves, wet/dry mess – you name it! The rubber lip contours to the surface to catch everything. Use as a pet...

  • The Cord Connect® Cord Connect® -  Easy on/easy off clamshell design. Cord Connect® - Certified water-tight extension cord connector Cord Connect® - Made of durable all weather plastic Cord Connect® - Landscape Green

    Cord Connect

    The only cord lock in the retail market that features a water-tight connection. You can rely on Cord Connect®! Keep the power flowing and stay safe during all weather conditions with the Cord Connect®. Shock hazards and tripped breakers are a...

  •  Cover cables on carpet and prevent trips and falls with SAFCORD®. The SAFCORD® cord cover - Color Taupe The SAFCORD® cord cover - Color Black The SAFCORD® cord cover - Color Yellow The SAFCORD® cord cover - Color Gray


    Prevent slips, trips, and falls with the SAFCORD® cable cover featuring “hook & loop” technology to cover cables on carpet and lock cords in place! Loose cords and cables pose trip dangers in the home and liability risks in the...

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