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  • The Cord Connect® Cord Connect® -  Easy on/easy off clamshell design. Cord Connect® - Certified water-tight extension cord connector Cord Connect® - Made of durable all weather plastic Cord Connect® - Landscape Green

    Cord Connect

    The only cord lock in the retail market that features a water-tight connection. You can rely on Cord Connect®! Keep the power flowing and stay safe during all weather conditions with the Cord Connect®. Shock hazards and tripped breakers are a...

  • U-Cover U-Cover U-Cover U-Cover U-Cover


    Reduce your costs and liability with the U-Cover® Universal Hand Hole Cover! Light pole covers restrict access to the dangerous high-voltage wires within light poles and are a necessary safety measure taken by utility companies and municipalities...

  • The Stud Winder® The Stud Winder® - Can hold up to 110 pounds The Stud Winder® - All-steel construction for lasting quality

    Stud Winder

    The Stud Winder® provides trouble free dispensing from wire reels. Wire reels are bulky, heavy, and difficult to position for reliable dispensing. In residential or commercial settings, as long as there are wooden 2x4 studs, Stud Winder®...

  • The Wrecking Claw® The Wrecking Claw® - Forged steel claws The Wrecking Claw® - Patented dual-claw, rocking design The Wrecking Claw® - Remove fasteners The Wrecking Claw® - Patented dual-claw, rocking design

    Wrecking Claw

    The Wrecking Claw® is the ultimate deck board removal tool and pallet breaker! Now offering free shipping on all orders over $49! Replacing decking can be a long, physically demanding process. One Wrecking Claw® can replace an army of friends...

  • The Deck Demon® Deck Demon Deck Demon The Deck Demon® - Easily pry up boards The Deck Demon® - Dual nail claws

    Deck Demon

    The Deck Demon® wrecking bar is the best deck board removal tool on the market! Now offering free shipping on all orders over $49! Contractors make money putting new decking down, not ripping up old boards. So blast through demolition in half the...

5 of 5 Items
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