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Reduce your costs and liability with the U-Cover Universal Hand Hole Cover — A reliable standard way for field crews to secure open hand holes in utility poles

Covering hand holes and restricting access to the dangerous high voltage wires within light poles is a problem for all utility companies and municipalities.

Emergency crews often encounter metal hand hole covers with oxidized screws, requiring the crews to break or pry the cover off the pole. The crew is then unable to secure a cover on the hand hole because of the broken screw tabs or stripped threads.

Invented by an emergency crew supervisor who was faced with this situation day after day, the U-Cover:

  • easily secured by one person
  • adapts to 6" and 12" diameter light poles
  • adapts to different style and size hand holes
  • provides a quick and efficient S.O.P.
  • secures from outside the pole with no exposed metal inside
  • durable, reusable and water resistant
  • vandal resistant
  • reduces liability
  • excellent light duty assignment
  • provides an economical solution to reduce inventory needs

The patented design of the U-Cover allows crews to use one inventory item to secure hand holes on flanged and unflanged poles 6" to 12" in diameter. The universal design eliminates the need to stock several size covers for various size poles or hand holes.

Storekeepers and crews can easily manage stock and ensure every effort is made to safe-guard the public from exposed wires.


The U-Cover is easily installed by one person. Place over the hand hole and keep in place with your knee, the stainless steel band surrounds the pole and cover. A Penta head security bolt is placed through the holes in the band (different holes accommodate the different diameter poles).

The Penta bolt threads into a brass nut molded into the bottom of the cup on the U-Cover. As the bolt is tightened, the strap secures the U-Cover tightly to the pole.

The molded plastic encases the bolt on the inside of the U-Cover, avoiding any risk of conducting electricity.





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