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Reduce your costs and liability with the U-Cover® Universal Hand Hole Cover!

Light pole covers restrict access to the dangerous high-voltage wires within light poles and are a necessary safety measure taken by utility companies and municipalities.

Most metal hand hold covers, however, become an unnecessary obstacle for emergency crews. Their screws oxidize due to exposure, requiring the crews to break or pry the cover off the lamp post cover. Once forcibly removed, usually it’s the screw tabs on the pole that breaks and the covers cannot be reattached. This leaves the dangerous, high-voltage wires exposed, posing safety risks to the local community.

The U-Cover® was invented by an emergency crew supervisor who experienced this problem firsthand. He wanted a safe and convenient light pole hand hole cover that would last.

The U-Cover®’s patented design allows crews to secure hand holes on flanged and unflanged utility poles 6" to 12" in diameter. The universal pole hand hole cover design eliminates the need to stock several size hand hole covers for various size poles or openings.

The U-Cover® light pole hand hole cover includes:

  • easily secured by one person

  • adapts to 6" and 12" diameter light pole access covers

  • adapts to different style and size hand holes

  • provides a quick and efficient S.O.P.

  • secures from outside the pole with no exposed metal inside

  • has a durable, reusable and water resistant design

  • resists typical vandalization of utility pole covers 

  • reduces liability and increases safety

  • works perfectly as both a light-duty and heavy-duty hand hole cover for light poles

  • provides an economical solution to reduce inventory needs

Storekeepers and crews can easily manage stock and ensure every effort is made to safeguard the public from exposed wires beneath the light pole base cover.

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