5 Reasons the SnoBrum Is the Best Snow Broom - Snow Cleaner for Cars

5 Reasons the SnoBrum Is the Best Snow Broom - Snow Cleaner for Cars

Dec 3rd 2021

Looking for the best snow rake for your car? Whether you love winter weather or hate it, many of us have shared a common experience: You wake up to find your car buried by an unexpected snowstorm. Grabbing your trusty brush/scraper combo, you try to clear it all off the vehicle so you can get to work.

However, you manage to cover yourself in snow from leaning too far across the vehicle or trying to reach over the roof with the short handle. You’re not sure, but it’s possible you’ve also accidentally scratched the paint with a hard corner of the scraper while you were brushing. And then—before it’s all clear enough to check—the plastic handle breaks and you’re out of a brush/scraper.

These annual frustrations of snow removal tools have made SnoBrum incredibly popular since it was first developed more than 20 years ago to make snow removal fast, easy, and safe. Here are five reasons SnoBrum was, is, and will continue to be the best snow broom on the market:

1) Versatile Oversized Head and Telescoping Handle

The SnoBrum’s 5¾'" x 17" molded head is push-broom shaped and rigid enough to push or pull heavy snow from the covered surface in just a few quick strokes. The handle extends from 28” to 47” so that you can reach across full-sized vehicles or up to high places. Whether it’s a Smart car or a flatbed trailer, the SnoBrum makes the job efficient and easier to reach.

2) Constructed For Ultimate Durability

High-impact, metal-free faceplates are recessed into the foam head so that the handle is solidly supported, but no hard material will contact the vehicle or surface you’re clearing. The durable rolled steel handle is powder-coated for corrosion resistance in moisture and extreme weather.

Special cold resistant nylon threads give the telescoping handle a tight bond to the faceplate that won’t weaken in the freezing snow. In fact, SnoBrum has received top ratings from an independent testing lab for freeze resistance and durability.

3) Top-Rated Scratch Prevention

Lab testing has also given SnoBrum the highest ratings possible for non-abrasiveness. The sturdy head is made of cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam that is smooth and soft on delicate surfaces but will not soak up moisture or degrade in harsh conditions. It’s been approved for use in removing snow—even heavy, wet snow—quickly and harmlessly from “Class A” finishes without any scratching, scuff marks, or damage to the paint or fabric surface.

The best snow brooms need to be trusted no matter the snow removal task at hand. Awnings, solar panels, spa covers, and other delicate surfaces are never at risk from the soft foam of SnoBrum.

4) Lighter Weight Than the Competition

The head and faceplate only weigh 8 ounces together, making SnoBrum easy to use even when fully extended to 47”. It’s also less than half the weight of traditional snow brooms so that you can reach high and over minivans, sports utility vehicles, trucks, and more without any hassle.

5) A Long-Trusted Product of the USA

This American-made product has been proudly assembled in the USA for over 20 years. In the decades since it originated, SnoBrum has been trusted by satisfied customers who never stop recommending it to friends and family as "the best snow broom they’ve ever owned." If you need a top-rated snow cleaner for your car, look no further than the SnoBrum.

The never-ending popularity of the SnoBrum has made it widely available. It’s easy to order one from a supplier and try it for yourself.

You can also buy our snow removal products from our SnoBrum Amazon store!

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