5 Ways SAFCORD Can Organize Your Home - Flat Velcro Carpet Cable Cover

5 Ways SAFCORD Can Organize Your Home - Flat Velcro Carpet Cable Cover

Apr 21st 2024

Looking for a flat velcro cable cover for your carpet? You've come to the right place. SAFCORD is the most trusted commercial-grade carpet wire cover on the market.

Cable management is essential to home technology for both work and play. Extension cords, power cords, charging cables, audio-visual wires, and power strips are everywhere in our homes. Keeping all those cables neatly organized is crucial if you want to effectively prevent the tripping hazards created by your power cords.

1) Eliminate Trip Hazards

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), about 2,000 visits to the ER each year come from folks spraining, cutting, or otherwise harming themselves after tripping over electric extension cords. This has led to all sorts of halfway cable management solutions that, more often than not, just create new problems like:

  • Plastic cable tunnels that shift on the floor
  • Duct tape that leaves behind a damaging residue on the carpet
  • Wraps that bundle cords neatly into one giant trip line

Thankfully, SAFCORD—a low-profile nylon carpet cord cover that nestles a convenient tunnel for cables between two strips of high-strength hook-n-loop backing to easily and securely attach to looped carpet—provides the perfect solution to the wires crisscrossing our carpets.

SAFCORD can be cut to length, washed, rolled up to transport or store, and comes in a variety of colors that will help it blend into the edges of the room or catch your attention where it crosses a hallway—whichever makes the most sense. This surface-following solution can contain and streamline your electrical cords on stairs, around corners, and across rooms all year long.

Here are four ways the SAFCORD cord hider carpet cover can better organize your home:

2) Streamline Home Entertainment

Living room entertainment centers are diverse and include an ever-growing roster of technologies. Consider how many living room appliances use power cords, HDMI cables, ethernet cables, audio cables—and sometimes more than one. For example, a single living room can have all of the following electronic devices in it, each with its own cord(s) that need to be managed:

  • TVs
  • Audio/Speaker systems
  • Blu-ray players
  • Gaming consoles
  • Computers
  • Phone chargers
  • Table lamps
  • Power strips

Without effective cable management, the corners and edges of your room can end up lined with an unsightly nest of tangled cords. Deploy SAFCORD velcro along the carpet beside your baseboards to contain multiple cords in one neat, inconspicuous pocket to keep cords out of sight and out of mind.

3) Protect Seasonal Decorations

The temporary festive lights and decorations we put up during the holiday season can introduce new organizational problems into our homes. Cords now lay across areas of carpet where they typically don’t, creating a tripping hazard for people unused to their presence.

Also, trips can pull down decorations, damage lighting fixtures, and cause injuries. Protect your holiday decorations and your family with SAFCORD’s secure cord hider carpet cover. It can stand up to heavy foot traffic without moving or wearing down, and its low profile helps prevent tripping or stumbling over temporary wires.

4) Arrange Your In-Home Office

The office is another room with a condensed collection of technology all in one place, such as:

  • Printers
  • Desk lamps
  • Computers
  • Scanners
  • Telephones
  • Routers/modems

The SAFCORD electrical cord cover can make a carpeted office (or even one with an area rug) feel more organized—an ideal trait for any office. By using its secure hook-n-loop backing to contain your cables, you won’t have to worry about tangling the office chair’s wheels on cords under your desk, or tripping while looking at papers or your laptop as you head out to the kitchen for more coffee.

5) Declutter Family Gatherings

Many of us like to entertain in our homes and host gatherings of family or friends. These parties can introduce messy collections of cables from appliances and cooking products you set up to accommodate your guests—or that they bring themselves. A spread of crockpots, heating plates, and accessories adds up quickly. Use SAFCORD velcro to keep your guests safe and your home presentable so that you can enjoy an evening together without ever noticing the cables.

The Clear Winner: How SAFCORD Outperforms Other Cable Solutions

When it comes to managing and securing cables in your home or office, the choices might seem endless, but not all solutions are created equal. SAFCORD, with its unique design and superior features, stands out as a leader in cable management. Here’s why SAFCORD is the clear choice over other common cable covers:

1) No-Residue Solution

Unlike adhesive-based cable tapes, SAFCORD uses high-strength hook-n-loop technology that attaches firmly to looped carpet without sticky residues. This means you can reposition or remove SAFCORD without damaging your carpet or dealing with the hassle of cleaning up glue residues, which is a common drawback with traditional adhesive cable covers.

2) Durability and Aesthetics

SAFCORD is crafted from ballistic nylon, a material known for its durability and resilience. This ensures that the cable cover not only withstands heavy foot traffic but also maintains a neat appearance over time. Most plastic cable tunnels can become eyesores and are prone to cracking or breaking, detracting from their practicality.

3) Flexibility and Customization

SAFCORD’s flexibility allows it to be cut to any length, providing a tailor-made cable floor cover for any space, unlike rigid plastic tunnels that come in preset lengths and can be difficult to adjust. Furthermore, SAFCORD is available in a variety of colors to match your decor, blending in seamlessly or standing out as needed for safety and visibility.

4) Low Profile and Secure Fit

The design of SAFCORD ensures it lies flat against the carpet, creating a low-profile carpet cord cover that prevents trips and falls. This feature is a significant advantage over bulkier solutions that can create additional tripping hazards.

5) Reusability and Versatility

As a reusable and washable solution, SAFCORD offers long-term value and adaptability. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, unlike many cable covers that are suitable only for indoor use.

In a market flooded with temporary fixes and cumbersome products, SAFCORD provides a reliable, elegant, and efficient floor cable cover to cable management challenges. Whether at home or in the office, SAFCORD ensures safety without sacrificing style or functionality, making it the clear winner among cable management solutions.

With SAFCORD, all of your charging and extension cord safety needs are covered. Your home can benefit from all of our modern conveniences without any of the drawbacks normally introduced by cables. No trips, slips, or unsightly tangles of wires will happen in a home with the perfect carpet cord cover securely in place.

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