How to Clean Snow Off Your Car Without Scratching

Sep 17th 2020

How to Clean Snow Off Your Car Without Scratching

Cleaning snow off your vehicle can be more than a seasonal annoyance; it can cause significant damage to your vehicle’s paint and finish. Depending on the tool employed in the removal process, this damage can vary from unsightly color marks and swirls to deep scratches that will require an expensive re-paint to fix.

Every winter, paint jobs pay the price for improper vehicle snow removal, whether it be by corn-straw broom, nylon snow brush, or any variety of snow shovel. Using a foam brush to sweep snow off your vehicle will protect your paint and finish from the rough bristles and sharp edges of the former products.

Use the Heat from Your Engine

Starting your car and turning on the defrosters before you begin snow-removal can help loosen hard snow from your hood and windows. Make sure your tailpipe isn’t obstructed by a snowbank, however, to prevent noxious fumes from filling your car.

Choose the Right Tool

The SnoBrum is the highest-rated foam brush/snow broom on the market for removing even wet, heavy snow from all areas of a vehicle without causing damage to the paint. This snow broom is comprised of high-impact, metal-free faceplates that are recessed into a durable crosslinked polyethylene foam to prevent surface contact. It’s the same tool used by car dealers for more than 20 years to clear hundreds of vehicles per snow storm.

Removal Strategy

Plan your snow removal efforts to minimize your inconvenience. With a long handle snow broom you can easily push away from you, clearing an entire sedan from one side, or for a tall full size vehicle, pull snow from half the roof toward you to fall to the ground while you step away and remain dry. A snow broom enables you to keep a distance between the falling snow and yourself.

Use Protective Wax

A more general method for protecting the finish and reducing discoloration is to apply protective wax after washing. You’ll want to get this done when temperatures are at least in the mid-50s. Generally speaking, if the weather is warm enough for you to wash your car, it is warm enough for you to apply a spray-on wax.

Worry-Free Snow Removal

Cleaning off your car after a snowstorm doesn’t have to lead to a costly visit to a painter. Using the right tool and the right technique can get you on the road dry and comfortable on a wintry morning without the fear of uncovering hidden damage when the snow melts.