Outfit Your Store With These Customer Favorite Tools

Outfit Your Store With These Customer Favorite Tools

Sep 17th 2020

Here at Angel-GUARD, we know full well how important it is to have the right tools for the right customers at the right time. It’s our goal to provide the kinds of products that can increase public safety and enable anyone and everyone to perform tasks as safely, easily, and efficiently as possible. We’re committed to making sure that you can stock your store’s shelves with nothing less than the best products.

If you’re looking to stock your store with affordable products that can deliver professional-level quality, then look no further than some of the customer favorite tools below.

Seamless Snow Removal

Removing mountains of snow off your car after one of New England’s signature winter storms is never fun. But when the snow is especially heavy or wet, and your snow removal tool has the potential to leave scuffs, marks, or scratches on the surface of your vehicle, then an unpleasant experience can become even less desirable. The SnoBrum product line, however, can effectively remove even the heaviest snow from your vehicle without ever marring your car’s finish.

With three models to choose from—the consumer grade SnoBrum, commercial grade ProEdge, and commercial grade SnoPro designed specifically for car dealerships—users have access to a quick and easy way to sweep snow off of vehicles without needing to worry that there will be any abrasions or color marks left behind once the job is done.

Deconstructing Decks

When facing a demolition job, you’re going to need tools that can make quick work of any project that comes your way. That’s what the Wrecking Claw and Deck Demon are designed to do. These tools are specifically outfitted with the features and durability you’ll need to deconstruct any type of decking material, break up pallets, and remove any of the fasteners that may be left behind.

The extra long easy-grip handle and patented dual claw head make it easy for you to pry boards and pull out nails while standing. Meanwhile, the powder-coated finish provides the tool with superior corrosion resistance, and the patented rocker design will save you from having to replace any joists, as they’ll be left undamaged when the job is done.

Whether it’s the consumer grade Wrecking Claw or the commercial grade Deck Demon, these are versatile tools that will reduce time and labor, improve efficiency, and even preserve any materials you hope to reuse once the demolition is complete.

Connecting and Protecting Cords

Eliminate the potential for disruptive cord disconnections with the Cord Connect™. The latest version of this intuitive and easy-to-handle extension cord connector allows professionals and do-it-yourselfers to work with extensions cords, power tools, and more while ensuring that each and every cord they use is secure and protected.

The Cord Connect cord lock also features a unique “clamshell” design that enables the user to simply close the Cord Connect around each end of the cord being used and then twist it to lock the cord together. This creates tapered ends that help ensure that the Cord Connect can pull smoothly without getting caught or disconnected.

The connection between the cords is certifiably watertight as well. Thanks to a new and reliable gasket, this product can withstand jet nozzle sprays, drip box tests, and ultimately prevents any water from reaching the internal electrical connections. This is an inexpensive, intuitive, and easy-to-handle product that maximizes efficiency and reduces complications on any worksite.

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