SnoPro: The Commercial-Grade Snow Removal Tool

SnoPro: The Commercial-Grade Snow Removal Tool

Sep 17th 2020

Year in and year out, the SnoPro is the professional-grade, no-frills, fixed-length snow removal tool that auto dealers rely upon for clearing hundreds of snow-covered vehicles quickly and safely after each storm. The non-abrasive, closed-cell, cross-link polyethylene foam head is approved for use on Class A finishes without so much as a single scuff. The lightweight foam and rolled steel handle are also less than half the weight of other snow rakes while remaining durable in harsh winter conditions.

Traits like these make the SnoPro popular in both commercial and home applications. It’s often sought by:

  • Car Dealerships: Auto dealers love to stock up on SnoPro because its straightforward design is tough enough to tackle heavy snow on hundreds of vehicles, but gentle enough to never scratch the paint or damage antennas. Cars need to be seen to be sold, and SnoPro gets the job done after every storm. Distribute this snow removal tool to a handful to staff, and the lot will be cleared in minutes.
  • Freight, Moving, or Rental Companies: When a business depends on getting its fleet of vehicles out on the road, there’s no time to waste in digging them out from an overnight storm. SnoPro has a generous, sturdy 48” handle (and the head is threaded to accept any standard acme threaded handle) and oversized 18” wide head so that it can reach across large vehicles or clear broad trailers with ease.
  • Consumers: Whether its clearing vehicles, awnings, solar panels, or spa covers, the SnoPro has a versatile and convenient design that can remove snow from high and low without harming delicate surfaces. The push broom-style head provides enhanced snow coverage to push (or pull) snow away fast—from anywhere buildup becomes a problem. Continuous word of mouth promotion means the SnoPro won’t need a champion to sell—the name champions itself.
  • Retailers: The consumer design of SnoBrum has the well-established name recognition and attractive, ergonomic design to fly off shelves when customers come looking for snow removal solutions. Retail stores know that SnoBrum products are essential winter tools to keep in the arsenal due to consistent sourcing and a golden reputation for commercial-grade quality that reflects well on the store.

SnoPro is also ideal for private labeling to promote the businesses and brands that choose this commercial-grade snow broom. It’s an American-made product has been proudly assembled and sold in the USA for more than 20 years—a sterling reputation that speaks to its quality. This proven history of customer satisfaction can be counted on to build company trust and never let you down.

Order the SnoPro from a trusted supplier that always has the snow removal tools you need when you need them, and you can prepare for the coming winter well in advance. Better yet, since the SnoPro (and its consumer-grade variation, the SnoBrum) are always in demand, you know you’ll be able to restock as necessary and have a fresh supply ready for distribution right away.

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