The Benefits of Private Labeling Products for Regional Retail Chains

The Benefits of Private Labeling Products for Regional Retail Chains

Sep 16th 2020

Private labeling covers everything from adding a custom decal to engraving branded information right into the product itself.

Most big box stores are already reaping the benefits of private labeling by offering their own line of products to compete with the name brand items they carry. Since they are able to purchase in massive quantities, they often market their self-branded items at a steep discount since their margins tend to be much higher, giving them room to be more flexible with their prices.

Regional and local retail chains, however, approach private labeling from an entirely different angle. While some of them can afford to invest heavily in private labeling, the majority of them are more interested in the numerous other benefits they can receive, even at a low order quantity.


When someone sees a tool in action that captures their interest, their first question is often, “Where did you buy that?”

Private labeling niche or specialty products allows those items to answer that question for themselves since your business’s name will be featured front and center. Branding these products can extend beyond adding a sticker or decal, as well, and make attracting customers that much easier.

Our SNOBRUM, for example, can have your company’s name molded right into the foam. Other Angel-GUARD products, such as the Wrecking Claw, can even be made to match your brand’s unique colors. This provides word of mouth advertising that will help your company stay top of mind with local shoppers.


Another benefit of private labeling is that you can use it to differentiate yourself from the competition. Your store will be the only place where customers can find this unique branded item. Even if other stores sell similar items, having your name right on the product will help make your company synonymous with the product, meaning that people will think of your company before any other when looking to buy it.

Put simply, shoppers will know they can’t get it at a big box retailer because it has your hardware store’s name printed right on the product.

Angel-GUARD Products

The majority of our products are made right here in the U.S., which allows us to provide quick delivery and fast response times for all of our customers. We even offer low volume commitments, so you can feel comfortable trying out your new private labeled products in your store with minimal financial risk.

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