Why SAFCORD Is The Best Floor Cable Cover on the Market

Why SAFCORD Is The Best Floor Cable Cover on the Market

May 19th 2024

SAFCORD is a floor cable cover that keep families and employees safe. Protecting people, equipment, and building assets are all among the highest priorities for both facility managers and A/V professionals. Balancing both safety and function, however, has always been a difficult task, especially as portable electronic equipment has continued to become an everyday staple for workers and visitors using conference rooms, lobbies, presentation halls, and other electronic-heavy environments.

The simple fact is that our cords and cables are everywhere. They’re as much a part of our lives as the devices we rely on every day, but when we have so many cords for so many separate tools and devices, cable management can become a very real problem. If you’re struggling to learn how to manage cables in the office or at home, then looking into a carpet cord cover may be the solution you’re looking for.

The SAFCORD carpet cable cover is uniquely designed to securely fasten all of your ancillary cords and cables to “looped” carpet without the need for messy adhesives. This is the best cable management strategy out there, as it not only keeps cords in place but also prevents trip hazards. Moreover, with a variety of colors to choose from, it can do so without detracting from an existing aesthetic.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the SAFCORD cable cover can help enrich your cable management ideas, then keep reading for a comprehensive examination of all the ways cable management affects a variety of environments and how SAFCORD covers can be the secret you need in order to improve the safety and organization of the cables in your everyday life.

SAFCORD for Facility Management

Office spaces are busy environments, full of carpet cord covers, interconnected systems, people, and technologies  to promote a unified space with a common goal. That’s no easy task though, especially with so many of those individual facility features requiring cable floor covers to function properly.

For example, consider how cleaning equipment and rug dryers are in constant use during the winter or other wet conditions. Facility managers want to keep their spaces clean, especially in high-traffic areas during the busier times of the day where wet surfaces can lead to “slip-and-fall” threats. Keeping these areas clean and safe requires technology, and technology requires the use of cable management.

While “slip threats” from wet or slick surfaces are far from ideal, neither is replacing them with a “trip threat” caused by a cord that cuts across those same surfaces. To avoid this unfortunate situation, you’re going to need to create a “standard operating procedure” (SOP) that involves using a cord cover in the setting up of corded equipment in any areas that people tend to frequent.

For years, workers and facility managers would use duct tape or tunnel tape instead of cable floor covers. While this approach provided a temporary guard against trip hazards by directing people’s attention to the colored tape signifying a cord or cable, this wasn’t a long-term solution. Not only would the tape leave behind an adhesive residue on the floor surface, but it could also stain or outright damage carpet and rugs, which are expensive to repair. It was a no-win situation.

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SAFCORD for Workplace Safety

Prioritizing cable management in the workplace with cord covers won’t only help you ensure that the office is up to code for safety, but it’ll also protect the cords themselves from being stampeded by pedestrian foot-traffic. Cords that are left out in the open, or are simply left in piles on the floor or behind equipment, are prone to crushing or sagging damage that can result in you needing to replace them entirely.

Thankfully, a velcro cable cover can prevent this. By welcoming a velcro cable cover into the office, you’ll succeed in bettering the safety of the workplace and increase the longevity of the many cables and cords that help keep the business running.

In scenarios like these, SAFCORD acts not just as a carpet cord cover, but as a guardian against the everyday chaos of high-traffic environments. Traditional cable management solutions often fail in these dynamic settings. Adhesive tapes peel away, leaving sticky residues and creating more of an eyesore than a help, while rigid plastic covers can create bumps that disrupt the smooth surface of the carpet, posing trip hazards.

With SAFCORD’s velcro cable cover, these risks are elegantly mitigated. Its seamless integration on looped carpets means it lies flat against the floor, virtually invisible yet highly effective. For instance, during a conference at a bustling tech firm, SAFCORD ensures that the myriad of laptop chargers, projector cables, and power cords are securely anchored. This eliminates the risk of them becoming tripping hazards as attendees navigate through pop-up workshops and impromptu networking sessions.

Moreover, the product's repositionable nature allows facility managers to quickly adapt to changing layouts—a common scenario in multipurpose venues or shared office spaces where setups change frequently. This flexibility is a significant advantage, ensuring that cable management is both proactive and responsive.

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SAFCORD for Event Safety

Conferences and other event venues face challenging cable management issues on a nearly daily basis. The frequent movement of equipment and people throughout these venues is, at times, barely controlled chaos. Many visitors have never walked through these facilities before, and as such, are focusing most of their attention on getting to where they’re going instead of what’s underfoot.

For example, cords that power signs, exhibit displays in lobbies or hallways, and the cords from cleaning equipment are all potential trip hazards. While audio-visual professionals have managed this issue for years, and have embraced the durable and reusable SAFCORD floor cable cover in order to secure their cords, not everyone is aware of the trip hazards cords can create.

Protecting all of your equipment across an entire event venue is difficult, but not impossible. A well-placed selection of SAFCORD’s hook-and-loop feature can allow event workers to quickly deploy and remove their equipment. Simplify your safe standard operating procedure to ensure that event attendees won’t get caught up on a rogue cord.

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Safe Conference Rooms and Training Rooms

Whether it’s an out-of-town employee attending a company presentation, an internal employee hosting a training session, or a salesman making a pitch, there are portable locations being set-up and removed numerous times a day, every day, in conference rooms. Laptops, projectors, and cords tend to litter these communal spaces, which can be problematic as these spaces also tend to be heavy-traffic areas with tight spacing between chairs and walls.

Not only is it possible that these tight, cord-heavy spaces can become trip hazards, but if the cords get snagged they can yank expensive equipment off of the table and cause thousands of dollars of damage on top of injury.

Many business travelers in the sales, training and legal deposition professions know of the risks in these situations and install SAFCORD as a preventive measure. You can even carry it around with your equipment to be 100% confident in your cable management. Wherever you go, you want a reliable, mobile carpet cord cover to organize and protect your setup.

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Cable Management in Restaurants and Retail Outlets

Restaurants and retail outlets are, by necessity, technology-heavy environments heavily populated with cords, cables, and other digital equipment. Not only can these cables be visually disruptive, but they can be potential trip hazards if not properly organized or kept out of the way. This is where the SAFCORD electrical cord cover comes in handy, as its range of colors and widths make it a great resource for cord management that won’t distract from the existing aesthetic of your restaurant’s lobby or the show floor of your retail outlet.

For example, if your restaurant has a party room or banquet area that you rent for large groups or events, then you can use the SAFCORD to make sure the room remains professional, functional, and safe, regardless of how many electronics are brought into the area. This won’t only allow renters to bring in their own AV hookups and accessories, but it’ll also allow you to prevent trip hazards and any risk of complaints or legal trouble that could occur as a result of someone injuring themselves on your property.

In a retail store, you need to make sure that your show floor and lobby remains clutter free and organized so both employees and customers can traverse the area without worrying about tripping or falling. The SAFCORD can be used to organize the register area, the back office, the break room, or any other part of the store that requires corded technology.

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Electrical Cord Cover Safety at Home

As important as cord safety is in the workplace and the number of venues and facilities that people frequent, it is just as important to prioritize cord safety and organization in the home. For example, imagine you’re preparing to host friends or family. You’ll want to set up folding tables, prepare lighting, crock pots in the kitchen, and other accessories that can lead to a nest of crisscrossing cords that can lead to injuries or damage to both your guests and appliances.

Securing all of your temporary cords to the floor, ground, or even staircase if needed will go a long way toward ensuring a safe and risk-free event for everyone involved.

Consider that you want to repurpose one of your rooms into a home office, a craft room, or a TV room. Even more so than a typical bedroom, these rooms will likely demand an influx of new cords and cables that can quickly become a hassle to manage. Securing these cords or extensions to the rug won’t only be important for daily use, but a cord cover will also make it easier for you to clean the area as vacuums will not harm the cover or the cord within.

Although the deployment of certain cords in the home may be temporary, the procedure in which safeguards are taken to prevent trips can and should be part of the daily routine. If floor dryers are set up, for example, then put cord covers in place. If special lighting is needed, then secure your cords to the floor or the wall in order effectively and preemptively avoid trip hazards.

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Benefits of SAFCORD

The SAFCORD was developed by a facility manager who had learned the high-cost of trip hazards and leftover adhesive residue from his decades of experience facing the daily challenges of managing high-traffic commercial buildings. To address and remedy the problems he so often witnessed, the SAFCORD was born.

SAFCORD is designed to attach to “looped carpet” such as commercial carpet or Berber carpet. Why these carpets specifically? Because it’s these carpets that are the most durable and, consequently, are most often used in areas of high foot traffic and require constant cleaning and upkeep. Cut pile carpet, however, which you’ll often find in the bedroom or in trade show booths, is much less expensive and easier to manufacture but not nearly as resistant to wear-and-tear as “looped” carpet is.

SAFCORD is specifically designed so it can be quickly applied over a cord on “looped” carpet, locked down to the rug so securely that not even a commercial cleaning vacuum could move it, and then peeled back up and relocated just as easily as it was placed down. The bond the SAFCORD makes with the carpet is far stronger than normal tape but lacks the sticky adhesive residue that will stain or ruin the carpet.

The hooked material that runs along the outer edges of the SAFCORD creates a fabric “tunnel” that covers the cord but still allows you to pull slack to or from the equipment without repositioning the SAFCORD or the device the cord is attached to. You can even put a SAFCORD down overtop several cords at once and still adjust the sliding lengths as needed.

On top of all that, the SAFCORD is made up of fabric that consists of durable ballistic nylon that can be easily washed and reused over and over again. There are even several colors and widths available that allow you to blend the SAFCORD into the background or stand out as a bright “heads-up” to passersby. The hook-and-loop backing is also sewn into the nylon itself using stitching, which means you can cut the material in whatever way you want without any risk of the product unraveling.

Finally, there are a variety of widths and lengths available to match whatever kind of situation you find yourself in. The SAFCORD product is made in the USA, packaged by adults with disabilities, and is here to help you organize your cords, keep people from tripping, preserve your electronic devices and their associated cables, and ultimately, improve your day-to-day life.

Cable Management Made Easy with Angel-GUARD

Since 1991, Angel-GUARD Products, Inc. has worked across a multitude of industries to develop the very best products. Our cable management solutions help homeowners and contractors perform tasks more safely and easily. Over the years, many of our innovative and dynamic products have won industry awards. We strive to continually deliver nothing but the most exceptional products to our customers.

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