Deck Demon 4-Pack

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The Deck Demon® wrecking bar is the best deck board removal tool on the market!

Contractors make money putting new decking down, not ripping up old boards. So blast through demolition in half the time with the Deck Demon®. You’ll work from a standing position as you remove long sections of boards and fasteners instead of kneeling, straining, and prying small pieces of board and fasteners.

The Deck Demon® uses the floor joist as a fulcrum point and saves your back, hands, and fingers from the aches and pains of deck board removal! The commercial grade all steel tool lifts boards with even pressure on each side of the fastener, right where the force is most effective, with the dual clawed head.

One worker with a Deck Demon® can strip a 12 x 12 deck in under 25 minutes. Put this wrecking bar in the hands of your whole crew and imagine how fast you could complete the demolition stage of building a deck, giving you more time to focus on what really matters - installation!

The Deck Demon®’s features include:

  • A 44" steel handle for maximum leverage with minimal effort.

  • Easily pry up boards from a comfortable standing position.

  • Dual nail claws that remove fasteners quickly and easily.

  • A patented rocker design that removes decking without damaging the joists.

  • Strong enough for stripping decking, strapping, siding, fence boards, pallets, and prying up fasteners.

  • All steel design to withstand the abuse of commercial demolition work.

With this versatile wrecking bar in hand, commercial crews can save time and money while reducing the chance of injuries.

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