Ground Rod Driver

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Grounding rod installation is fast and easy with the Ground Rod Driver®!

If it takes you any longer than a minute to install a ground rod, it’s time to upgrade your tools!

The Ground Rod Driver® makes grounding rod installation a breeze. The striking surface is 2 3/8" wide with a slight bevel to focus the force to the top of the rod. That means it delivers optimum performance driving grounding rods with minimal effort.

The concave seat inside the Ground Rod Driver® prevents the end from mushrooming so the clamp can slip over the top. The all-season grip ensures a slip-free and shock-absorbing hold while you install a grounding rod.

Hit an obstruction during installation? Simply insert the ground rod into the extraction hole and you’ll have a solid grip and plenty of leverage to pull the ground rod out for re-positioning.

The Ground Rod Driver®’s features include:

  • A 2 3/8" wide striking surface with a slight bevel to focus the force to the top of the rod.

  • A concave seat that prevents the end from mushrooming.

  • A 7 3/4" tube that fits just about any size ground rods.

  • A re-positioning hole in the shaft that allows you to pull rods out of the ground or thread lines or wires through, wrap around, and pull.

  • An all-season cushion grip for comfort and maximum grip.

Add the Ground Rod Driver® to your toolbox to simplify grounding rod installation for you and your crew!

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