ProEdge Snow Remover with Telescoping Handle

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Conquer Winter Woes: Introducing the ProEdge - Your Car's Snow-Busting BFF

The first snowflakes of winter might bring a cozy feeling, but for car owners, it's the dreaded call to battle against snowdrifts and icy winds. Let's face it, scraping snow with a flimsy plastic brush is a recipe for frustration, sore muscles, and worst of all, scratches on your beloved vehicle. But fear not, winter warriors! Enter the ProEdge Snow Rake, your game-changer for effortless and damage-free snow removal.


Forget the flimsy plastic: Imagine a snow removal tool that's not just effective, but gentle on your car's delicate paint and finish. The ProEdge, with its oversized push-broom-style head made of dense, durable foam, makes quick work of even the heaviest snowdrifts. No more straining or contorting to reach the roof of your truck or SUV; the telescoping handle extends to 48 inches, giving you effortless reach and leverage.

Clear the clutter, not your car: Say goodbye to the days of precariously reaching around your car's intricate curves and crevices. The ProEdge's narrow squeegee-like edge contours perfectly to your vehicle, clearing tight spaces around your grill, wipers, and bumpers without a scratch. This isn't just for cars; the ProEdge tackles trailers, boats, and even outdoor furniture with ease.

Built to last, built in the USA: The ProEdge is more than just a pretty face (well, it's actually pretty sleek, too). This snow removal powerhouse is crafted with pride in the USA, using top-quality materials for years of reliable service. The dense, closed-cell foam head won't crumble or crack, while the red high-impact plates and powder-coated steel handle provide a sturdy, weather-resistant frame.


ProEdge: The Features That Make the Difference

  • V-shaped edge: Cuts through deep snow effortlessly, reaching the surface of your vehicle quickly and efficiently.
  • Durable foam head: Made to withstand years of use, season after season.
  • Protective red plates: Shield the foam from wear and tear, keeping your ProEdge looking sharp.
  • Telescoping handle: Adjusts from 28 to 48 inches for maximum reach and leverage.
  • Freeze-resistant nylon threads: Cold temperatures won't make them brittle or break


Why Choose ProEdge?

  • Effortless Efficiency: Imagine clearing your car of snow in half the time. ProEdge's oversized foam head glides effortlessly over any vehicle, from petite sedans to towering SUVs and trailers. Say goodbye to strained muscles and hello to a faster, more enjoyable winter routine.

  • Gentle Giant: Don't be fooled by its strength. ProEdge's dense, durable foam head is gentle on your car's paint, eliminating scratches and swirls. No more wincing as you brush - trust ProEdge to treat your vehicle with the care it deserves.

  • Reach New Heights: That stubborn snowpack on your truck's roof? No problem! ProEdge's telescoping handle extends to 48 inches, letting you conquer even the highest peaks of winter. No more climbing precarious ladders or stretching like a contortionist - ProEdge brings the snow down to you.

  • Precision Power: Tight spaces around your car's grill, wipers, and bumpers are no match for ProEdge's narrow squeegee-like edge. It contours to every curve, clearing snow quickly and efficiently without a scratch.

  • Built to Last: Winter throws punches, but ProEdge doesn't flinch. Its heavy-duty construction features a sturdy molded foam head and protective red impact plates. Plus, the powder-coated steel handle with freeze-resistant threads laughs in the face of harsh conditions. This is a snow removal tool that's built to last for seasons to come.

  • Made in the USA: We take pride in supporting American craftsmanship. ProEdge is proudly made in the USA, ensuring the highest quality standards and supporting your local economy.


Transform your winter routine: With the ProEdge, clearing snow becomes a breeze, not a chore. Imagine the satisfaction of tackling even the heaviest snowfall in minutes, not hours. No more backaches, no more scratched paint, just the joy of a clean car and a conquered winter.

ProEdge is more than just a snow rake; it's an investment in your time, your car, and your sanity. So ditch the flimsy plastic and embrace the winter with confidence. Get your ProEdge today and experience the difference!



*The ProEdge with telescoping handle is not designed for commercial use. For fleet vehicle maintenance and use in dealership lots, please see our SnoPro and ProEdge models.

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