Winter Tools

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  • SnoBrum® SnoBrum SnoBrum® - An oversized head of cross-link polyethylene foam SnoBrum® - Sweeps snow off spa covers SnoBrum® - High impact, metal-free faceplates recessed into the foam to prevent contact with the surface


    Easy vehicle snow removal is possible with the original SnoBrum® - the best tool on the market! Using a cheap, plastic snow brush is frustrating and can damage your vehicle’s paint and finish resulting in the need for expensive repairs. The...

  • The SnoPro® The SnoPro® - Sturdy, four-foot commercial grade handle SnoPro


    The biggest selling snow rake in the auto dealership industry - the SnoPro®! Managers know that you can’t sell a car if it’s buried under snow - and if you’re not selling, you’re losing. Don’t let a snow storm freeze up...

  • The ProEdge® The ProEdge® - Commercial grade, powder-coated rolled steel handle The ProEdge® - "V" edge-design ProEdge


    The ProEdge® snow rake is the piece of commercial snow removal equipment you’ve been looking for! Not every snow rake is strong enough to handle commercial snow removal. Featuring a narrow squeegee-like edge that contours to the surface, the...

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    ProEdge Snow Remover with Telescoping Handle

    Conquer Winter Woes: Introducing the ProEdge - Your Car's Snow-Busting BFF The first snowflakes of winter might bring a cozy feeling, but for car owners, it's the dreaded call to battle against snowdrifts and icy winds. Let's face it, scraping snow with...

4 of 4 Items
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