How Should I Remove Snow From My Car Roof? - Snow Pusher Shovel Options

How Should I Remove Snow From My Car Roof? - Snow Pusher Shovel Options

Dec 18th 2023

Are you wondering "How should I remove snow from my car roof?" We’ve been there too. 

You’re late for work, go outside, and discover that it snowed last night. Where was this on the weather report? Now you’re frantically brushing the snow away with your small, toothbrush-style ice scraper, taking your aggression out on the vehicle.

To make matters worse, the snow might also be heavy, slushy, icy, or deep—all further aggravations of car snow removal. The faster and easier it is to get rid of the snow, the better.

Safety Implications of Unremoved Snow

As we brace ourselves for the winter months, it's crucial to not only think about the inconvenience of snow but also the safety implications that come with it. Unremoved snow from your car's roof isn't just a nuisance; it's a hazard waiting to unfold. When left uncleared, the snow on your vehicle's roof can become a perilous projectile, posing a significant threat to everyone on the road.

Imagine this: you're driving down the highway, the heat from your car gradually melting the snow on the roof. Without warning, chunks or sheets of snow could slide onto your windshield, obliterating your visibility in an instant. This sudden loss of sight is more than just startling—it can lead to severe accidents, especially when you're cruising at high speeds on busy roads.

But the danger doesn't end with you. Snow flying off your car can also land on other vehicles, startling other drivers, obstructing their view, and in some cases, causing them to lose control. This domino effect can result in multi-car pile-ups, making it not just a personal safety issue but a public safety concern.

Don't Get Caught Up In Legal Trouble

Moreover, there's a legal aspect to consider. Many states have recognized the dangers of flying snow and ice, enacting laws that penalize drivers who fail to remove snow from their vehicles. This isn't just about avoiding fines; it's about acknowledging our responsibility as part of the driving community to maintain safety on the roads.

Therefore, the importance of thoroughly removing snow from your car's roof cannot be overstated. It’s not just about keeping your vehicle neat; it’s about ensuring the safety of everyone on the road, including yourself. And this is where choosing the right tool for the job becomes crucial. In the next sections, we'll explore how the SnoBrum is not just your ally in keeping your car snow-free, but also a key player in your road safety during winter.

The original American-made SnoBrum has been the go-to snow rake for cars for more than 20 years. Consumers and companies alike agree that it makes car snow removal easier than ever. The ideal snow shovel for cars should have these benefits:

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1. Avoid Scratching Your Paint

Hard or abrasive materials (like rubber squeegee ice scrapers) can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint job. Car detailer that “common damage from improper snow removal are scratches in the paint. These could be light or very deep, depending on the situation. A nylon brush, for example, over the paint may leave light scratches that will be visible once the car is clean on a sunny day.”

SnoBrum’s soft foam head is made out of non-abrasive, closed-cell cross-link polyethylene foam. Metal-free faceplates are recessed into the foam to ensure that no hard material will contact the paint during car snow removal.

Approved for use on “Class A” finishes, SnoBrum has received the highest ratings possible for non-abrasiveness. You can rapidly remove snow—even heavy, deep, or wet snow—without any worry about damaging the vehicle.

2. Find a Tool That Withstands Repeated Use

The red, high-impact faceplates solidly support a powder-coated, corrosion-resistant steel handle for a sturdy and durable snow removal tool. Special cold-tolerant nylon threads tightly bond the handle to the faceplate without weakening in freezing conditions or extreme weather. Lab testing has given SnoBrum top marks for freeze resistance and durability.

At the same time, the high-grade cross-linked polyethylene foam of the head won’t absorb moisture or degrade while dealing with wet snow or ice. The most important factor in car snow removal tools is durability—your brush should be there when and where you need it, every time. SnoBrum lasts for the long haul.

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3. Reach Your Entire Vehicle

The telescoping rolled steel handle extends from 28” to 48” so that every part of the vehicle is within reach. You don’t need to worry about getting snow all over your clothes as you lean to reach across the roof, or deep into the bed of the truck. Most states are issuing traffic tickets for snow-covered vehicles they find on the road. It’s a law to clear your vehicle completely or you’ll be cited for driving with an unsecured load.

Another option: SnoBrum’s head is threaded to take any standard acme threaded handle. If you have an especially large task at hand, you could switch to an even longer extender pole like the RoofBrum to get the job done.

4. Choose a Lightweight Brush That's Easy to Handle

The snow pusher shovel style of SnoBrum is both lightweight and effective. The ergonomic design of the SnoBrum provides the most comfortable method to push heavy, wet snow away from you. The head comes in at only 8 ounces, and altogether it’s less than half the weight of many other extendable snow brooms while still offering you a long reach and wide broom head.

5. Push Snow Cleanly With Every Pass

SnoBrum’s oversized 5¾'" x 17" molded head is part of the push-broom shape to push (or pull!) even the heaviest snow off your vehicle in a couple of quick strokes. Unlike a brush, the rigid head provides comprehensive coverage that pushes snow across, not side to side. There’s no faster method of vehicle snow removal.

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The Best Sno Pro Foam Snow Broom For Your Car

This versatile tool isn’t only for quick, safe, and easy car snow removal—it can tackle snow removal on all sorts of delicate surfaces without harming the finish or damaging fabrics. Keep a SnoBrum in your vehicle and always have one handy for awnings, solar panels, spa covers, trailers, and any other surface that needs to be free of built-up snow.

For more information, see why the SnoBrum is consistently the highest-rated snow removal tool on the market.

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