Remove Decking with Ease With the Wrecking Claw Demolition Tool

Remove Decking with Ease With the Wrecking Claw Demolition Tool

Sep 22nd 2023

Deck demolition is not just about tearing down; it's a calculated process. Before diving into deck removal, you have to ensure you're not harming the structural integrity of your deck. And this is an art Jon Nolle has perfected.

As a professional building and remodeling contractor, Jon Nolle has experienced firsthand the painstaking efforts it takes to refurbish a deck, especially when striving for a flawless deck removal. Tired of the "old-fashioned way" of replacing decking boards, Nolle birthed the idea of the Wrecking Claw, a remarkable deck wrecking tool.


The Wrecking Claw isn’t just a deck nail removal tool; it's a revolution. Gone are the days of assembling an army of friends, all crouching and struggling with crowbars. With this deck removal tool, the power of leverage is on your side. Make use of the floor joists to lift boards and any lingering fasteners effortlessly. And the 44” length of this dual claw wrecking bar? It ensures you remain upright throughout.

This “process” is one that Jon Nolle knows very well. As a professional building and remodeling contractor, Nolle knows how arduous a process it can be to remodel a deck, especially when trying to remove deck boards without damage to the frame. After years of replacing decking boards the “old-fashioned way,” Nolle decided that he was ready to find a better way. That better way eventually became 

This deck nail removal tool replaces an army of friends and relatives. Instead of people crawling around on their hands and knees with crowbars, you’ll harness the leverage of the floor joists to pry up boards and any fasteners left behind easily. And thanks to the 44” length of the dual claw wrecking bar, you can do it all from a standing position.


Embarking on a deck remodeling project? If you're utilizing the existing frame, never strip off all decking at once. That's a rookie deck demolition mistake that jeopardizes the deck's stability and piles on extra work.

Instead, begin with the railings. With your deck wrecking tool in hand, proceed to dislodge 5-6 boards from the outer edge. Once done, install 3-4 fresh boards. This meticulous process safeguards the deck frame's integrity, as you're only addressing a handful of boards simultaneously.

Post decking replacement, affix a "skirt board" to the deck's external frame. This 1”x8” board not only adds a polished finish but also facilitates easier decking extension, ensuring new fasteners don't slip into old holes.

Though every deck is unique, this deck demolition method is widely adaptable. Following the removal of the initial boards, replicate this approach, moving toward the house. Detach, replace, and ensure an eight-inch gap between old and new, providing adequate space for the Wrecking Claw to glide along the floor joist.


Wrecking Claw - pulling a nail

While the process outlined above is essential, it can also be time-consuming. You could spend the better part of a day on it if you’re doing it the old-fashioned way—which usually involves a hammer, a crowbar, and long hours working on your hands and knees. However, with the Wrecking Claw deck nail removal tool, Jon Nolle has empowered contractors and do-it-yourselfers to remove decking faster.

The traditional deck demolition method, characterized by hammers, crowbars, and back-breaking labor, can devour your entire day. But Jon Nolle’s Wrecking Claw? It transforms deck removal, making it swifter than ever.


One of the less discussed but equally impressive applications of the Wrecking Claw is as a pallet breakdown tool. Wooden pallets, while durable and versatile, can often present a significant challenge when it comes to deconstruction. Their tightly nailed boards and rugged structure make manual disassembly a labor-intensive task, requiring both time and energy.

Fortunately, the Wrecking Claw ergonomic design and powerful leverage make it an indispensable pallet breakdown tool for anyone regularly dealing with pallet projects. Whether you're repurposing pallet wood for DIY crafts or merely recycling old pallets, the Wrecking Claw ensures you can disassemble these wooden structures efficiently and safely.

The dual-claw rocking design grips pallet boards firmly, allowing for clean removal without splintering or damage. Moreover, its 44” handle provides optimal leverage, minimizing the physical strain on the user. So, if you're looking to simplify the task of wooden pallet breakdown and repurpose these boards for new projects, the Wrecking Claw is the go-to tool to have in your arsenal.


Boasting the Wrecking Claw’s patented dual-claw rocking design paired with its 44” handle, you can confidently dismantle the decking of a 10’x10’ deck in a fraction of the time. This pallet breaker and deck board removal tool not only replaces the need for multiple helpers but also slashes project duration dramatically.

The Wrecking Claw stands unparalleled when you’re on the hunt for a robust, dynamic, and efficient pallet breaker or deck board removal apparatus. Conceived by a contractor, driven by the passion to boost his team's efficiency and safety, the Wrecking Claw epitomizes the deck removal tool everyone should own.

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