Why RoofBrum Is The Safest Snow Removal Tool for Trucks, Vans & Other Large Vehicles

Why RoofBrum Is The Safest Snow Removal Tool for Trucks, Vans & Other Large Vehicles

Feb 23rd 2024

The RoofBrum is the most effective, affordable solution for drivers of large vehicles. You don't want to risk getting pulled over, ticketed, or fined for improper snow removal. RoofBrum is the safer, convenient option.

SUVs, pickup trucks, and other large vehicles are popular in places with intense winter snowfall. It makes sense—four-wheel drive and bigger, chunkier tires give you better performance and more peace of mind while driving in heavy snow. Also, the higher ground clearance carries you above the snow.

But what about before you put the shifter into drive? Every truck, crossover, and trailer needs a reliable snow brush that can clear off a lot of surface area quickly and easily, even with the extra height on the roofline. The problem is, traditional snow scrapers are not that helpful when you need snow removal equipment for trucks.

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Why You Need to Clear Snow From Your Truck

Winter weather can create a host of challenges for drivers, from icy roads to low visibility. Among these challenges is the need to clear snow and ice from your vehicle before hitting the road. This is particularly important for your truck, which has a larger surface area and greater weight than a passenger car, making it more vulnerable to the effects of snow and ice accumulation. In this article, we will explore the reasons why it is essential to clear snow from the roof and windshield of your truck before driving in the winter.

First and foremost, leaving snow on your truck's roof can pose a serious safety hazard to other drivers on the road. As you drive, the snow on your roof can slide down and obstruct the view of drivers behind you, making it difficult for them to see and react to other hazards on the road. In extreme cases, a large amount of snow on your roof can even slide off and onto the road, potentially causing a serious accident.

Additionally, leaving snow and ice on your windshield can significantly impair your visibility and make it difficult to operate your truck safely. Even a thin layer of snow or ice can distort your view of the road, making it challenging to see other vehicles, pedestrians, or obstacles. This can increase the likelihood of an accident and put yourself and others at risk.

Snow Removal Protects You and Your Vehicle

Clearing snow from your truck's roof and windshield can also help to protect the vehicle itself from damage. Snow and ice accumulation on the roof of your truck can add significant weight and stress to the vehicle's structure, which can lead to damage or even collapse. Additionally, driving with snow and ice on your windshield can increase the risk of cracks or other damage to your windshield, which can be costly to repair.

In some areas, failing to clear snow from your vehicle can result in legal consequences. Many states and municipalities have laws that require drivers to remove snow and ice from their vehicles before driving. Failure to comply with these laws can result in fines or other penalties, so it's essential to be aware of the requirements in your area.

Finally, clearing snow from your truck's roof and windshield is simply the responsible thing to do. As a driver, you have a duty to operate your vehicle safely and minimize the risk of accidents or other hazards on the road. Tractor trailer snow removal can help you reduce the risk of accidents and getting fined for leaving snow on your vehicle.

Angel-GUARD RoofBrum Snow Removal Tool - trailer snow removal, tractor trailer snow removal, truck snow removal, snow removal for trucks, snow removal equipment for trucks

Do I Need a Snow Brush For Trucks and Trailers?

A snow brush is fine for clearing a dusting off the windshield of a compact car, or a snowmobile’s side mirrors. Two feet of snow on top of your extended cab pickup, though? Not so much. You thought you were prepared when you stuffed one under the seat, but then:

  • You can’t reach the roof. Your average combination scraper/snow brushes are only a foot or two long. Unless you’re a giant, that’ll make for some tough slogging when you’ve got to climb up to the roof to clear the snow.
  • The bristles and scraper are too harsh to protect the pristine finish of your vehicle. Those swirls and nicks in the paint will really show come summertime.
  • It’s tough to sweep back and forth without getting snow all over yourself. After all, you’ve got to lean onto the vehicle to reach far enough across to sweep the middle.
  • A brush is too small to deal with huge surface areas quickly. You wouldn’t want to paint a fence with a toothbrush. The couple feet of white flakes on top of your snowed-in trailer bed will laugh when you use a brush as your snow removal tool.

This is where the Mobile RoofBrum comes in. It has the versatility to help you safely clear snow from a delivery truck or a solar panel farm with minimal effort.

RoofBrum to the Rescue

It turns out the best snow brush for trucks isn’t a snow brush at all. If you live in a snowy area, you can't afford to waste time, money, and resources on inefficient snow removal. You need a foam-headed snow broom—the Mobile RoofBrum. Here’s how it helps:

  • The extendable rolled-steel handle stretches to 12 feet long. A run-of-the-mill snow brush for trucks and cars can’t give you that kind of reach, but also collapse down to tuck away neatly in the vehicle.
  • The soft, non-abrasive foam won’t scratch the paint or leave swirls and brushstrokes, like a traditional bristle brush. Go to town on that heavy snow without worrying about the vehicle’s finish. Any truck owner can appreciate a reliable roof rake for snow and rugged use.
  • The push-broom style of the RoofBrum clears snow faster and easier than the side-to-side sweeping motion of a regular snow brush. Push across or pull it towards you—both ways work equally well. Even push-style brushes get worse leverage because unlike the RoofBrum, a brush handle isn’t centered in the solid, plow-like head.
  • The broad, oversized head gives you maximum coverage for supersize jobs like trailer snow removal. You’ll be clearing snow off trailers, roofs, hoods, and truck beds at rapid speeds.

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Be Prepared This Winter With RoofBrum

Clearing snow from the roof and windshield of your truck is a crucial step to ensure safe and responsible driving in the winter. Not only does it protect the safety of other drivers on the road, but it also helps to protect your vehicle from damage and legal consequences. By taking the time to clear snow from your truck before hitting the road, you can help to minimize the risks of winter driving and ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Once upon a time, it was hard to get a truck snow removal tool unless you bought one through a dealership (they love the SnoBrum and RoofBrum for clearing hundreds of vehicles quickly). Now they’re easy to buy in stores or online.

Driving a large vehicle in a snowy place? Don’t settle for a cheap snow removal tool for your truck, van, bus, RV, or trailer. When you're looking for a snow rakes roof tool, you deserve a long-lasting solution. Get the Mobile RoofBrum—the perfect snow broom for truck and trailer snow removal.

For added protection, don't forget to pick up a SnoBrum for your passenger car.

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